Montana baby benefits

by Massimo Q

Water plays an essential role in the lives of pregnant women, new mothers and babies. Therefore it is important to choose the water that best suits your needs.

During pregnancy, water represents 60% of your weight and is completely renewed every seven weeks. This water contributes to the formation and renewal of amniotic fluid, which is the environment in which your baby lives and develops during the first 9 months of life. The quality of the water you drink is crucial for both your health and that of your baby.

According the Italian Ministry of Health, Montana is perfectly suitable for preparation of baby formulas and foods.

The key values are the ultra-low sodium, only 0.00003 % and the TDS below 50 mg/l , as well as low nitrates.

Month after month, during this formative period of life when water is truly fundamental, be sure to give your baby the best protection and guarantee support for healthy development. So make sure your children drink enough water throughout the day both at school and at home, it is a good habit that will stay with them forever.

Montana is bottled in top quality PET plastic , certified BPA free