About Montana

The source

Montana Natural Mineral Water it's a gift from Nature. 

Its source is located in a pristine environment, far away from human settlements, the Monviso biosphere reserve.

Declared by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Monviso park, with its glaciers and high Rocky mountains, is an excellent source of mineral water. Each drop travels through a vast mineral aquifer deep within the mountains before emerging at last in the spring. Untouched by man and free from pollution, its microbiological composition is perfectly sound. Every day, samples are taken in the protected catchment area and the on-site bottling plant to ensure consistent quality, from the spring to you.

The Monviso biosphere reserve is located in the northern Alpine part of Italy near the French border. The area is a special mosaic of ecosystems that climb from 450 mt to 3 841 mt.

Our mission

We strive to provide and promote healthy Natural mineral water that has to be sustainable, affordable and of high quality.

The water

Our water gets its unique taste from a specific area in the Italian Alps. The source is located at 1850 mt above sea level. It all starts as snow and rain, and then the water travels deeply through layers of rocks where it becomes naturally filtered. Our water is naturally clean and refreshing, with nothing added to enhance its quality.

The water naturally filters through layers of protected underground rock for many years. When we capture it, its temperature is around 4 degrees, and it contains a low amount of minerals and a neutrally balanced pH of 7.5, which makes it suitable for everyone, including infants.

The sodium level is remarkable. Only 0.3 mg/l which makes Montana an ultra-low sodium mineral water.

Natural mineral water has to be tested on a daily basis by our quality control and the local authorities. As per the protocol, its mineral composition is stable through the years

We bottle our natural mineral water in glass or virgin PET material, BPA free.

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