Montana Natural Mineral Water gets its exceptional qualities from the purity of its source, the Alps.

The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe, stretching approximately 1,200 km across eight Alpine countries .The mountains were formed over tens of millions of years ago .

Declared by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Monviso park ,with his glaciers and high Rocky mountains is a great source of mineral water . Each drop travels through a vast mineral aquifer deep within the mountains before emerging at last at the spring. Untouched by man and free from pollution, its microbiological composition is perfectly sound. Every day, samples are taken in the protected catchment area and the on-site bottling plant to ensure consistent quality, from the spring to you.

The Monviso biosphere reserve is located in the northern Alpine part of Italy near the French border. The area is a special mosaic of ecosystems that climb from 450 mt to 3 841 mt.



At Montana, we seek to provide and promote for the Middle-East market, healthy mineral water, at an affordable price for everyone.

We strive to grow our business with the same passion and integrity that has always distinguished the Sharbatly group.


The Family

Mohammed Abdullah Sharbatly Co. Ltd originates from a commercial activity established back in the early 30’s (1900) by Al Sayed Abdullah Abbas Sharbatly. In the 70’s the management passed to his eldest son Al Sayed Mohammed who since the 90’s is assisted by his sons Abdallah, Seifallah and Hashim.

The Sharbatly have been a family of merchants for a very long time. Several Jeddah old guide books, when describing the landmarks of the old city, indicated “the most interesting is Sharbatly House, the old house of one of Jeddah’s merchant families” The mansion was built in the 19th century, when Jeddah was a small town even though it had been the most important commercial center on the Red Sea for more than 1000 years (Jeddah was turned into the main port of arrival, for the pilgrims going to the holy city of Mecca in 647 AD by the Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan). Mohammed Abdullah Sharbatly Co. Ltd and Associates, for over 60 years are devoted to supply excellent quality products to the M. East and international markets, strong of a solid logistic structure and modern cold stores that guarantee its success.

In line with the same philosophy, the company has recently introduced “Montana” a very light mineral water from the Italian Alps.

The name, in Italian language, means "that belongs to mountains”, the best guarantee for its original purity.